Sunday, April 10, 2011

The dog, the Witch and the Warlock

    I got my last batch of miniatures put together this morning. I do have one more heavy jack coming next week to kind of finish off what I felt I needed for the time being. All in all it is 4 Warcasters, 11 solos, 28 infantry and one 'jack with one more 'jack on the way. I suppose I will be running kinda infantry machine for a while but I do have ways to deal with heavies also. Right now it is 66 points not counting the 'jack bonus and when I get my devastator it will be 75pts.

This is:
Warcasters: eButcher, eVlad, Old Witch and eSorscha
Warjacks: Behemoth
Units: Boom Howler and Co., Full Winter Guard and Great Bears
Solos: 11 Various Khador and Merc solos.

Next week I will be getting at least one 50pt game in and i'll have a write up on how the battle went and then probably some thoughts on how my army preformed. Thanks again for reading and keep on gaming!

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