Saturday, April 2, 2011

A change of heart.

I'm going to share a little story with you. Last June I had decided to get back into Wargaming (which was a blessing in its self). I had been out of the wargaming world for nearing on a decade and it was just time to get back in. Since that time I have been through two different games and 5 armies. First started with Warhammer again and then to Warmachine. To put it nicely I am not afraid of change. My first army when I started Warmachine this last fall was Cygnar and then I moved on to Skorne recently as well for my Hordes army. Both of these armies are great and fun to play but I have to admit that noone could even begin to understand my addiction to change. What am I saying? We are all gamers and as gamers experience this to a certain degree. This last month however has brought upon another change. My inner voices began planting another idea in my head and this was that I needed to drop my other two armies and start a new one and the army I settled on was Khador.
To sum it all up the other games and armies are gone. Warmachine is my game and Khador is my army. I may have found inner peace...hopefully? I have decided there will be no more switching it up for a good long while. Not until I have most all of the Khador models and they are painted as well.
I can not wait until the next League in May and will get in as many games as possible while its going and I am also hoping we get to see at least one Warmachine and Hordes Tournament at my FLGs this year. Happy gaming to all!

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