Saturday, April 2, 2011

Battle Engines!

After seeing the last No Quarter mag. I have mixed emotions about the up and coming Battle Engines. The only real knowledge I have is of the Khador one and its just so so for me.
Cool things:
-Its massive. Bigger is better right?
-Only 9 points for this bad girl.
-It fire's two pow14 AOE4 cannons that leave a crater of rough terrain for a turn at long range.
-Great armor.
-No weapons systems like a 'jack has so it functions just as well at 1hp as it does at full health.

My problems:
-No bigger is not always better, pushing a bowling ball around a 4x4 table is not fun for maneuverability. Not to mention that with the 'huge' base size it will only make it easier for a full unit of weapon masters to engage it.
-With defense and armor like a Khador heavy 'jack this thing is very tough but it only has 22 boxes of damage and to me this will go down fast either because your opponent will see it as an actual threat or will be thinking the biggest thing on the table means its the most bad a-- and feels the need to kill it.
I suppose for only 9 points it would be worth taking one of these and its not really a big risk for that cheap points wise. It would pair up nicely with a list that is having trouble dealing with infantry and might be just as good to take as a diversion from your actual plans and could help with board control as well with those 2x AOE4 rough terrains it will be laying out every turn. For now I still have mixed emotions but I will probably end up getting one sooner or later even if its just for the sake of having the model because its pretty cool looking to me.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming battle engines?

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